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The Path to Therapy Success

This is what the therapeutic process is going to look like so that you feel a little bit more prepared for your first session. 

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  1. Complete Initial Forms 
    Opening paperwork will be sent to you to complete before your first intake session.  

  2. Gather Information
    In your first session, I will review your paperwork with you and inform you about your client rights and responsibilities.

  3. Create a Safety Plan
    This is a priority fallback plan for any “what ifs” that may occur in our lives and how to prevent them from becoming a crisis. 

4. Identify Goals and Create a Treatment Plan

  1. Addressing problem behaviors. 

  2. Life skills and Life preparation for therapy. 

  3. Locating resources. 

  4. Learning to Love the Real You. 

  5. Living with Gender Dysphoria. 

  6. Discovering Sexuality. 

What does therapy success look like to you and how will you know that you have achieved it? 

5. Learn Coping Skills

 We must ensure that you have the tools to identify and manage emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations that will arise through therapy, and techniques to mitigate the stress of processing. 

6. Effect Meaningful Change 

 Throughout the counseling process we will be working to change behaviors, find self-acceptance, and learn to give oneself permission, combining all previous points to reach a happy and successful self-image. We will never be able to change what has occurred in the past; however, through therapy, we can change what lies ahead.

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7. Aftercare Plan

Once we have reached a point where you feel like you no longer need routine therapy, we can discuss options of maintenance (similar to check-ups with the dentist), resources that we need going forward, or options to refer to another program or therapist that suites your needs.  ​

Deciding to see a therapist isn’t always an easy choice. The idea of discussing emotional challenges or uncomfortable thoughts may cause some anxiety, or the process of finding a therapist may seem confusing and unfamiliar. This is your opportunity to ask any counseling-related question to help you make an informed decision about therapy. This includes helping you to determine whether I am the right counselor for you. 

These are truly no-obligation, free 15-minute consultations! Coming prepared with some questions can help you get more out of your consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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