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Career Counseling

Career Counseling is open for everyone at every stage of life and involves the full spectrum of employment. Counseling allows a person to understand themselves and their role in the workplace to make educated life and career decisions. A job that is not satisfying or complimentary to your skills can lead to anxiety, depression, physical health issues, mood changes, and other issues. Our goals are to find job duties and environments that best suit your needs and create fulfillment in your life. 

Through counseling we can engage in career exploration, career choices, maintaining your current job by addressing conflicts, identifying accommodations needed to decrease stress and increase productivity, ways to return to work after significant time off, pursuing lifelong career development or education goals, expanding networking skills, and learning how to leave your job professionally.

I will start the process by discussing your current qualifications, experience, and strengths and weaknesses, then I will review desired salary, personal hobbies and interests, location, and job market. If you are worried about not meeting the requirements for a desired job/career we can explore career development (education, training, certification), and how best to demonstrate your expertise on your resume. Resumes are always done collaboratively to help create lifelong skills. 

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